Sonim 3 year warranty is no use?

Basically, their UK support centre have totally ignored me - numerous emails, and waiting 24 hours (as suggested by someone in the US support side) gets nothing.

What is the point of a 3 unconditional year warranty if they won't even reply?

Time to just send back to the dealer for a credit.

Just to add, the dealer, handtec, have not replied after 24 hours either.


Update: The CEO of Sonim has been in touch with me this evening (aren't blogs fun), and we are discussing how this can be improved, so watch this space!!!


  1. Shouldn't the dealer be dealing with it anyway? After all your contract is with them, they have supplied a device that is not fit for purpose...

  2. Yes, dealer took 24 hours to reply too and have now provided an RMA for a return and credit.

    However, I wanted to test the manufacturers 3 year unconditional warranty as that is a key feature (perhaps "the" key feature) of the product.


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