A picture speaks a 1000 words

Impressive customer service from Schwartz (McCormick (UK) Limited)

I ordered some stuff on-line, and it arrived promptly. But one of the items was cracked in the post. Well, shit happens.

So, I called up the email order confirmation on my iPhone, clicked reply, took a picture, copied and pasted, and sent.

I did not say anything else in my email, so the whole process was a matter of seconds using a device already in my pocket and not having to walk to the computer or anything. Quicker than faffing with calling them or anything. Technology is great some times, isn't it.

I got a quick and very polite reply, apologising and saying they will send a replacement immediately. Well done!

Makes a change to say something nice about a company :-)

Update: A new tub arrived by post.

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