Odd day

Not sure if suffering the after effects from yesterday's migraine, or just one of those days.

I read the OSPF spec on the Dijkstra shortest path algorithm to use, cringed, read the wikipedia page, smiled, and coded some of it. It is, as I remembered, simple enough to do.

I now need to make a test network to test it. But in theory I have the shortest path cost and should tomorrow have the next hop stuff sorted too, and so be injecting routes (yay!).

We are really at the stage of trying this all for real now, and that means testing, fixing, and even making design changes as we realise we can't actually test something as we can't create that configuration. I suspect I need more places where I define an OSPF "cost" in the config, and have to add some point to point LSAs for VPN tunnels.

I expect a few more days work.

Having done all that, my day sort of ran out of steam, and it was like 11:00 or something.

I eventually gave up, went home at lunch time, and watched old episodes of House on Sky. Not as productive as yesterday which was working 12 hours solid and getting a migraine!

I have started to perk up a bit this evening, but feeling a tad depressed most of today, which is not like me at all.

I will be happier once OSPF is in the wild and being tested. There will be many bugs and more work but I will be over the hard part. I want an alpha out there and in testing before next weeks FireBrick training course.

Sadly, I have a number of other major projects to work on during the coming months. The next challenge is "new ordering system" which is where A&A get a proper XML interface for dealers and customers...

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