It is all very well having a clear MRI, as I did, but today I have my third ever migraine. See what OSPF has driven me to!

Sadly, whilst at this stage I simply have visual distortion growing slowly, and making it impossible to read what I have typed, I know that soon I will feel like crap.

I want to file a bug report with my DNA please.


This was a visual effect starting small in centre of vision. Initially I realised I could not see the letter in the middle of the word I was looking at.

It gradually grew moved in to a sort of C shape with top of C in centre, so some above centre, but almost all of the effect left vision. This made reading anything hard. I could see letters off centre, but that is very difficult to read.

It gradually grew, like looking through broken glass and flickering at the edge of the shape.

Eventually it started to grow more and so the centre of my vision started to clear, the C shape spreading left and out, with top left and bottom left of vision affected.

It reached the edges of my vision and then vanished suddenly.

To be clear, this was not in my eye or eyes as such, but in my vision. i.e. the effect was not only visible via one eye. There are migraine effects people can get that are related to the eye, but this was different.

Apparently it is called a Scintillating Scotoma

My left eye seemed odd for a moment - sort of tunnel vision but no clear edges, and then was fine.

Now I am feeling "spaced out". The effect is clearly moving on from just my vision.

My expectation is feeling like crap for a few hours now.

I went to bed - fine next day.


  1. I get something similar, little dots that appear, then fade if you stair at them. Multivitamins seemed to make them vanish more quickly than waiting. Otherwize mine take anything from a few days to a week to subside.

    1. This is, err, 30 minutes or so. Interesting stuff.

  2. I had a similar experience last week, although not as severe with the vision - I noticed a lot of noise, a little like the imprint left after staring at a bright light, when looking at the screen that would not go away. I could read things, but not very well. I woke up after a short nap to see if it would help, and then had a very bad headache and spent the rest of the evening vomiting.


  3. Interesting... I've been suffering from maybe a couple of bouts of this a year over the past 3 years, and the first couple of times were scary. Told the quack about it once, went to Eye Hospital once, but neither could offer an explanation and both just sent me packing. The "scintillating scotoma" condition is new to me, and makes sense - thanks for that. I've just learned to live with it as it doesn't seem too traumatic in the general scheme of things: I can recognize when it's about to start (slight blurring in my left eye, at the bottom of what will eventually become a yellow and blue zigzag "C" shape), and I just sit it out as it seems guaranteed to have gone in 20 minutes, leaving (usually, but not always) just a lousy headache.

  4. I get similar effects with mine - fortunately now rare - and have always had that effect over the 22 years or so I've been susceptible to this. I used to have to go to bed and stay there to get maximum relief - but since I've had sumatriptan to take for it, only need to stay for an hour or so.


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