Height of rudeness?

Have you ever had a situation where, in a meeting, you hand someone a formal notice / letter to them (their company), and politely ask them if they could sign the copy to confirm receipt of the letter?

Not unusual practice, surely. I have had that from people before now. It is a formality to sign a receipt, surely...

And they say no!

I mean, why? Does that mean they want to be able to deny having been given the letter later? What? Rude, or what?

Is that the height of (commercial) rudeness?

Or is my then saying "no problem", and picking up the 1Dx and taking a picture of them and the letter, is that the height of rudeness?

Just wondering... :-)


  1. When I was working for [bank], we were told in no uncertain terms never, ever, to sign any document that may commit the bank to an agreement. Given that us minions don't understand how the law works, that meant we were never, ever, to sign anything which hadn't been spat out of the bank's own laser printers right in front of our eyes. This extended to signing for post - you had to be specially authorised to do that too!

    I can understand this and I certainly wouldn't want any of my staff to sign anything without checking with me first. However, I would expect a phone call and I would tell them to write "I acknowledge receipt of this document only" in front of their signature.

    Perhaps the person you were meeting was too much of a minion to be able to sign and too [insult] to think of calling their boss.

    1. Claimed (falsely, it seems) to be a "Director"...

    2. Being able to take a picture, kind of undermined the logic of not signing, though :-)


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