Shibboleet is a shibboleth that was created by Randall for xkcd. It is a nice idea. It is a keyword to say to people on support to confirm you are a member of the "leet" and know more that the average customer.

I did a blog post on this - I have told all the staff that "Shibboleet" is a magic word, and means to stop arguing and transfer the call to someone that knows what they are talking about. Of course, this is tricky as most of my staff know what they are talking about anyway, and indeed many meet the "someone who knows a minimum of two programming languages" criteria defined in the cartoon.

I think today was possible the first use of "Shibboleet" by a prospective customer. Someone that apparently not only knows programming languages themselves but makes them. Someone interested in being a customer.

So, on the irc channels, the customers on there are well aware of Shibboleet, and flagged the query to me. They were gobsmacked at finding an ISP that has an irc channel in the first place! Hopefully I gave a good impression and we have a new customer as a result. We'll see.

This may lead to the first "Shibboleet" sale we have made. Thanks Randall.


  1. I joined AAISP for reasons including but not limited to XKCD/806 compliance. Fortunately I have never needed it yet, unlike with the last lot with whom I did but they were not compliant. I even quoted the reference to another company who were trying to sell me their service when I moved.

    There's no danger of me recommending any other ISP until (and what are the chances of this?) more are so compliant and also have native IPv6.

  2. Cool, I wonder if there is some provider with XKCD/806 compliance here in Spain.


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