Rumous of my birthday are greatly exaggerated!

Facebook thinks it is Thrall's birthday. Basically, when we set up the account we tried to work out when WoW was first released and so when Thrall was "born". We picked a date based on some googling.

The catch is that loads of people think it is my birthday today - and they should know I am not 18, far from it.

It is also the OS/2 drinking club this evening, and I want to apologise to anyone hoping I would make it. This damn cold is lingering, and whilst mostly over it, I would rather stay at home tonight. However, I really really plan to make next month and have put in the diary even. I am trying to convince Alex and Kev to go as well.

Anyway, still plowing through OSPF. Right now I am at the stage that I hope I never meet the author of RFC2328, at least not on a dark night in an alley, as he might regret it. Chapter 13 is loaded with exceptions. I really think not written by a coder, sorry. But I do have lots in place already and should have flooding the LSAs tomorrow, with any luck, which is a major step and my next major milestone.

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