हम इन वैकल्पिक मॉड्यूल आदेश नहीं था, इसलिए उनके लिए शुल्क मान्य नहीं हैं

Being politically correct is one of those odd things. It should be something that just comes naturally from the way we are brought up.

I am not inherently racist, for example. I will, obviously, make some judgement about a person I am talking to (face to face, on phone, on email, on irc, etc), as we all do. I don't base that on their race, and indeed, in many cases I do not know their race (though names are a subtle clue). If I find someone is dishonest, or thick, or some other trait, I am not going to automatically assume all people from the same place, or who look or speak the same, are the same as they are. So, not a racist, honest.

However, I found myself today suggesting that perhaps there is a language barrier somehow when dealing with a particular intransigent billing department. Somehow, suggesting a language barrier, even with the racist connotations, seemed more polite than suggesting that the person was a total fucking idiot, which is how I was starting to feel. I am not saying they are! I don't know if they just don't understand (because of language or cultural issues) or if they are totally thick or if it is some sort of corporate policy to argue disputes forever. The latter would be odd, as the contract allows us to withhold payment of disputes, so they can't win by prolonging the dispute like this.

There really are only so many times you can explain that the items being billed for were not something we ordered or requested, and as such they are not valid!

We have explained "provide evidence that we ordered it, or agree the dispute and issue a credit" so many times now. They still say "charges are valid". This is even after a meeting with a new account manager - he is trying to sort the issues and is keen, but still we have this crap...

But really, I am not sure what we do next. Arrrrg!

Update: Someone else there is being actually quite sane with his replies - we'll see what happens.


  1. I may be missing something, but why are you getting so wound up about this? As you say, "they can't win by prolonging the dispute", so why bother trying to speed things up? If they choose to mess about, then surely that's their problem and not your responsibility?

    It sounds to me like you're getting upset simply because you want to be upset and not because there's any valid reason.

    Why not simply reply, "We dispute this invoice and will continue to do so until provided with evidence to show that the charges are valid." to any "charges are valid" replies and then leave it alone. That way you'd have plenty of time to get on with something less pointless.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really don't get where the problem is and why you're getting wound up about this. This may, of course, be entirely my misunderstanding - in which case, please accept my apologies!

    1. Well, we have been doing that on these invoices for a YEAR now. And they are still pestering, and threatening formal notice of breach of contract, and other such crap.

      In general there are two reasons to actually chase it up. For a start, this is often a few grand a month, so leaving it a long time means more and more money in dispute, which gets a tad scary no matter how confident you are. The second being when they start being (even more of) an arse over the disputed amounts.

      But yes, in general, we are saying the under paid amounts are as per advised disputes. Simple.

  2. Hi,

    I don't think it's a language barrier or even people being thick, it's just a wrong business process:
    1) Take (low cost) agents, calling people to chase disputed invoices
    2) Give them no visibility and absolutely no power
    3) Tell them: The only answer you are allowed to give is "Charge is valid" (even if it makes you feel like an answering machine)

    As long as (harassed customers giving up and pay) > (low cost of powerless call center) the process will go on.


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