I said I would comment on adverts on the blog.

Basically, I think I'll leave them. Those that don't like them can ignore them or adblock them, and some people do. No problem, and they are not in the rss feed either. The ads make a few pence some days and much more others. Only tens of pounds a month though. I think the issue is that few people click on the adverts (understandably).

There is, however, something vaguely gratifying that when I rant about BT, that BT are actually paying me to put adverts on my blog next to the rant about them.

[BT BT BT BT BT BT BT BTW Openreach BT Retail Fibre Telephone Broadband British Telecom plc BT plc BT BT BT BT]

That alone makes it all worth while.


  1. So just by clicking on the advert (That costs me nothing) you get some dosh???
    Hey, If I do that enough can I get a discount on my bill? :-)

    1. Well, only click on adverts if you are interested in what the advertiser is offering, obviously :-)

  2. Be very careful, they do monitor for encouragement to click on adverts and suspend adsense accounts with no warning and no appeals process. AND cancel any cheques that may have been sent to you that have not yet been cashed.
    I ended up with a bank charge for a cancelled google cheque after they deemed some wording on a site to be click fraud.

    1. Indeed, I was not trying to encourage people to click on adverts. I am not sure how it would be fraud, there is no deception or dishonesty, is there? But none the less, I am not suggesting people click on adverts solely to cause me revenue - that is morally wrong.


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