Alan Turing Monopoly

My Alan Turing edition of Monopoly arrived today, from Bletchley Park.

Nice idea, and based on the fact that apparently he played monopoly on a made up board (and lost), and the board drawing was recently found in a loft. A copy of the hand drawn board is included, including a line of property diagonally as an optional route.

The community chest and chance cards are all customised too, which is rather nice.

Only thing I found very disappointing is that the currency is not £... Why?!?!?!

Anyway, I look forward to playing it. We have a tradition of playing this with some friends in the office at Christmas, but I am sure we'll have a chance to play before then.

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  1. Bring it to Sweden when you come over, I'm sure Rickard would enjoy a game, as would I :)


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