Should I sue BT, or what?

Pauline, my sister in law (hi! Pauline) has broadband from us (doh!).

And we took over the phone line as we can provide a phone line for broadband use cheaper for her. Like many people she uses the mobile to actually talk to people, but also uses facebook, and iMessage and FaceTime, and so on.

So BT screw up - they even admit they screwed up - they cease the FTTC (like BT Retail's "Infinity" type service). They even did that in an odd way that meant the bit of BT we deal with (BT plc t/a BT Wholesale) did not know they have ceased it, so two screw ups.

Now they are dragging on the fix to this, and it now in to the fifth day.

The wires are connected to the kit - all is physically there - just some config on some equipment is not right because someone thinks they cease something. This is not (technically) a hard problem for them to solve.

They have repeatedly promised progress on this and failed to meet their promises. We even put the line on a 7 hour fix expensive maintenance category, an order they accepted, and they still don't do anything.

It shows BT's promises are a sham, they are worthless. They are, in my opinion, total fucking idiots.

So what do I do - sue them?

It is so tempting to just issue a county court claim against BT plc for this, you would not believe.

Sorry, Pauline, we are trying, honest.


  1. If you've paid for a 7 hour fix and they haven't fixed in 7 hours, then you're at a minimum entitled to that payment back - and a bit more for your time.

    Pity you can't take them to ADR..

  2. I had a very similar thing happen to me recently too, for my parents line (BT phone, AAISP broadband) - they wanted to change the phone billing from business to residential as they'd recently retired. BT manage to completely cut them off, losing their phone number, takeing several days to get the number reinstated, causing a cease to be sent to AAISP, etc... Took about 2 weeks to get everything working again (they managed to reinstate and re-lose the number a few times during that time), and a further month to finally get all the extra bills they sent incorrectly (they tried to charge for a new phone line...) refunded, but we did mange to get BT to refund us for the automated charge from AAISP to reinstate the broadband.

    AAISP's Teresa was very helpful, to the extent that she could be :-) and chased up things as soon as and when they were at "chase-able" points.

    I feel you pain!

    1. Indeed, I know my staff take this very seriously, and Teresa especially so, it just seems a lot more personal when my own friends and relatives are involved. I suspect it does for everyone.

  3. Are you offering taking over the phone line as a service? I thought the pricing for Home::1 refered to it but I couldn't find any details.

  4. Where can I find more details and pricing. I didn't see it on the aa website.

    1. Which bit? We do bus phone lines for £10+VAT/month. It is on the web site. Do ask on irc if you need more details.

  5. What if Pauline took you to ADR

    Could you claim that money back from BT?


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