If you build it, they will come

That "field of dreams" type logic sums up our marketing strategy most of the time.

I have the new Home::1 tariff - you can buy it now.

Whilst we have not done the press releases yet - that is for Friday, I was hoping that linking in on the main web site would have seen someone order. Even if I have said "officially" it launches on 1st Dec.

We have over 30 existing customers switched over to it (thank you, all) - I just want some new random customer to buy it to prove my order page all works as expected and give me some feedback. Is that too much to ask?

Closest I have so far is an IPv6 visitor, who is, as you may expect, and existing customer that went no further than the order page.

Someone buy this, if not for themselves, then get their mum or dad on the tariff. You know you want to. We can even do "manager" access on friends and family lines on the control pages to allow you to see the line and order tracking amd faults and stuff if you like (ask me on irc). We have a very cool service - it works way better than many "main stream" services and nobody else does the sort of graphs we do, do they?

/me ponders that he lacks enough friends to which to suggest this tariff - but in fact, what friends and relatives I have are either ISPs or already on our service or even this new tariff. I have a party to go to Friday - maybe I need some cards to hand out :-)


  1. I'd order it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately my current ISP doesn't providable any usage stats so it's difficult to estimate costs under AAISP.

    I'll enable netflow on my router and crunch some numbers, if the extra units don't add much I'll make the switch.

  2. I have an order going through to change my line to FTTC and did strongly consider changing to this. But the existing tarrifs just seem to fit me better. Plus I'm not a new customer so no use anyway :)

  3. Hello. I just ordered it as a new customer, if that helps. :)

  4. Going to the order page here (Chrome, Windows), it's missing all the CSS, because it's a secure URL (https://www.s-s-l.co.uk/h1order.cgi), linking to insecure CSS files (http://aa.net.uk/css/reset.css etc). Which means it looks a bit naff at the moment - white background etc.

    Maybe part of it?

  5. Replies
    1. OK, let me try Chrome and sort that this morning, thanks for the feedback.


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