Barclays another hour wasted

As I reported the fiasco of getting a debit card after the last expired, being lied to, and wasting 2 hours in the Ascot branch. Sadly the story had not finished.

I got the PIN by post, as expected, so rushed back to Ascot branch to collect the card that was waiting for me...
  1. First off, the card was locked in a secure room needing two people to access, and it took ages before they could sort access and get the card. Annoying.
  2. As expected they wanted me to use the PIN Sentry. I had the PIN notice letter, un-revealed.
  3. I revealed the PIN, checked it was for the right card, and tried it.
  4. Oddly, in the same envelope that my daughter had handed me at the office (letter had been opened as I had asked them to check it was the PIN), was a print out of the Apple Watch in rose gold. Very subtle Victoria :-) The banker found that amusing...
  5. However, when I tried the PIN it failed.
  6. I tried again, it failed.
  7. So final try, I handed PIN and card to banker (I know I can change PIN later).
  8. They tried. It failed.
  9. Now to start a long and tedious process...
  10. Banker checks on the system and card is "flagged" by fraud debt - this is a card printed two days before, and never used. No explanation as to how there could be an issue.
  11. So, long call to fraud dept, and a shit load of annoying security questions.
  12. They un-flag the card. But they fail to understand that the card being flagged is not a reason for the PIN sentry to not work. The card does not know it is flagged, does it!
  13. We had to go outside to cash machine to unlock the PIN on the card, which worked, yay!
  14. Back to PIN Sentry - does not work.
  15. Does not work
  16. Does not work, PIN blocked.
  17. Try in the "account manager" kiosk, that is fine.
  18. Un-lock in cash machine again, fine.
  19. So finally they give up and let me have the card anyway - finally - now I can buy some postage and stock for the office.
It took an hour!!!


  1. Bet you chip and signature cards return an error code that the pin sentry is too dumb to decode. ATM of course being diff online authentication because there never was a chip and sig ATM.


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