Man cave: Day 19

Progress, albeit a bit slow. No outside window or door yet, but I am assured I will have a window tomorrow. The door should be "some time this week". But we do have the bar. Sadly I had to go to work for a meeting, and leave them to it for first time in a month, and what happens? Mase cuts the wrong hole for the sink, so it is drop in rather than under the work top. Close enough, but frustrating.

The challenge is the floating shelves on a breeze block wall. We knew it would he a challenge but they have tried several things including 6 inch screws (i.e. to other side of breeze block), and still there is enough leverage on the shelf to pull them out. Tomorrow they will be getting more creative with batons on the wall and resin with the screws.

Callum has said I will have shelves tomorrow one way or another, definitely! That will leave small items like skirting board and stuff, as well as boxing in meters, and, of course, the door and window. But still seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I am pretty happy with the bar - it is not long, but laying it out on the floor it was clear that it was going to take too much space with a sofa in the room, but it is a bar, and has a fridge, and a sink, and will have optics.


  1. How about using threaded rod and resin rather than screws? You can get a much longer portion in both the wall and the shelves that way. If the shelves are thick enough the rod could go through them almost completely. Similar to this video https://youtu.be/bMnWO49jajI?t=323

  2. Optics, nice. My bar is only uplinked with 2 x 1G BaseT.

  3. Optics - like the conscience my pouring hand never had.

  4. Would going right through the wall with a bolt and putting a big washer and nut on the other side be an option? You'd pull the wall down before that would move!

  5. You've got me worried about my cabinet now, which is expansion-bolts into breeze block! But it's been up there for 7 years and hasn't fallen down yet!

  6. Why do the shelves have to be floating? There's a reason shelves normally have brackets, the bottom of the leg gives leverage against the wall. Same with a cupboard, it's the vertical height that solves the problem.

  7. "Why do the shelves have to be floating?" for the same reason that sharks need frikkin' lasers - because it's awesome.


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