Man cave: Day 1

It begins!

The stud work is going up on the walls, after some discussion with the building control person. Turns out that, whilst we do not need planning permission, we do have to pay nearly £500 to do a building regulations notice! Anyway, all sorted.

The cables for security cameras could not all be run before they started as there appears to be a wasp nest - so an exterminator will be along later today.

Last bit of stud work has to wait for tomorrow when air-conditioning man comes to pump down and remove the internal unit. This means no air-con for rest of month until they can next come in to re-fit it, so expect it it be a hot September!

I also have all of the bits for the alarm and security system today (thanks for dropping it off Mike).

The BT fibre is now fixed to the wall again, and we have marked and photographed where it is so nobody puts a screw through it later :-)

Tomorrow it should get more interesting - some electrical work, some insulation, foundation for the new wall where the garage door was...


  1. One assumes they didn't completely miss the fact that there is a window in that wall...? :)

  2. And I've just given in to the wife's demands to put the heating on today!


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