Man cave: Day 18

Today we had Mase (carpenter) and he managed to finish the shelf and work bench, including cable holes, as well as make the "step" I have put at the back on the floor for PCs to stand on.

We also managed to convince Steve (decorator) to stay late and stain the bench, shelf, and step, as the stain is meant to wait 72 hours before oiling, and so sensible to do before the weekend.

Still at least a day of carpenters, maybe two, and lots of decorating next week including filling holes, oiling benches and shelves, and painting.

Still hopeful for a window on Monday, and a door before end of next week. My personal deadline for this is next Friday, when the air-con is re-installed, and by which time all woodwork will be done and hopefully most of the decorating is finished. We will see.


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