Man cave: Day 9

Bricking it now, and getting plastered...

Well, I have a brick wall, and I have plaster.

The joiner was here today to check measurements for the door frame. The window is ordered.

Next week we can get paint on the wall, and see if I can get air-con reconnected. I need to talk to a man about the floor. And we can get started on the internal stuff, work bench, bar, sockets on the walls. All good fun.

Getting excited now :-)


  1. Looking smart. Are you going to put 1-way film on the window?

    1. Had not thought of that - may just get some blinds.

    2. Blinds can be quite cheap, the louvred style ones were nowhere near as expensive as I expected when I last ordered. That said, a mirrored film will redirect a lot of the heat back.

  2. Get the window with a built in LCD film - bluetooth blinds


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