Barclays pain in the arse

I don't like being bare face lied to, or wasting two hours sat in a branch in Ascot. So here is the rant...

The problem was simple: Debit card expired end of August, and no replacement arrived.
  • 1st Sep, having got no new card, I go on-line and try to get replacement card, but system says I cannot get a replacement as I have not "registered an address for this account". I mean WTF? The address has not changed, what is this registering of an address. Only fix was to make a call!
  • I called, with DMTF crap and security questions, and was told that a replacement card had been sent and returned "gone away". Hmmm, well, post does sometime go to Enterprise Centre not Enterprise Court, so not impossible.
  • So I need to re-instate the address, which involves a shit load more "security questions" to sort out and takes ages.
  • Then I find that now the address is sorted the team that can sort a new card is not open yet.
  • Another call later, and team that sends the card is there and more security questions and hassle, but they say a card is sent, clearly confirm the address is definitely right, and assure me it will be with me in 2-3 working days.
  • We are now a week later and no card, so I call, again. They confirm a card was sent on the 1st, but they cannot track it any more than that so should have arrived - grrr.
  • They tell me that I can go in to Ascot and get a replacement printed there and then in 20 minutes.
  • I go to Ascot - and they check, and no card has been issued. I clearly have been lied to, twice, telling a card has been sent. Not amused.
  • Now they think I have to "apply" for a new card now, and that can only be posted out, not printed in branch. So another lie in sending me to Ascot, it seems.
  • However, and this is why the whole lot took 2 hours, the person in Ascot was trying very hard to be helpful and managed to get the relevant team on the phone. They managed to "issue" a new card on the system, which involved a lot more security questions, bearing in mind I was there in the branch with my passport and driving licence already!
  • Once issued, they could print the card - yay, so they do that.
  • Then, they want me to enter the PIN. Well, this is a chip'n'signature card (or at least it was, I hope the new one is) so whilst it may have a PIN, I don't know it, have never known it and did not need it. Means she cannot give me the card.
  • But wait - you can get your PIN on the on-line banking, so I go on there, and she agrees the on-line banking web site is a pain. We find the bit to get the PIN, and it says that we cannot see the PIN as a new card has just been issued - arg!
  • So I cannot have the card - the one I can see in front of me! They are sending a PIN, by post, but I will have to go back to the branch with the PIN (and it has to be me!) to get the card. It should only be a couple of minutes this time, apart from the hassle of going to Ascot in the first place.
  • Also as the card has been printed, if by some fluke a card arrives in the post then it will not be valid, because the latest card is physically in Ascot.
Why the hell could they not actually have just issued a new card and sent it in 2-3 working days as they said in the first place? Why the hassle? Why the lies? Why wasting 2 hours of my day?


  1. This is where you need to show your support with your feet.

    Recently various US retailers (including paypal) could not take a payment from my card, and my bank were unable to tell me why. The only option I had was to change bank.

    Its quite simple now, and was done within about a week.

    1. I am increasingly using Lloyds now, but switching the whole company banking over is slightly more hassle.

    2. Best to keep business banking and personal distinct in any case.

  2. I've always been very pleased with Barclays. Anything's better than natwest anyway!

  3. We use first direct and are super happy with them

  4. I've had the opposite experience with Barclays. Lost my wallet including drivers licence and I don't have a passport. Went into branch, and walked out 20 minutes later with a new card

  5. I hate barclays so much. Can't use online banking at all, it's locked me out immediately after first getting it set up. Can't use mobile banking either as it thinks I am logged onto a different phone. And to use it on my phone I must log onto my 'other' phone AKA My current phone to log out to log in and use it on my current phone. I love catch 22's. And no, I will not be calling there support to then be billed a stupid amount. Although bizarrely, pingit works just fine. And finally theres no branch where I live, meaning I must go to the other town which for me personally is so inconvenient mostly because of being a student and there shit opening hours.


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