Man cave: Day 13

Holy bat cave, Robin, we have a floor!

In contrast to yesterday, today has gone rather well, cramming in the plasterer to do the ceiling immediately followed by the flooring man to do the floor. So ceiling and floor in one day. They were briefly tripping over each other in the middle :-)

The floor looks good - engineered wood, pre-stained and oiled.

And, I think tomorrow is going to be loads of stuff, with loft hatch and ladder, internal door, floor box, lights, maybe even some paint, and possibly a start on the work bench...

This really is starting to look the business now.


  1. I'm not sure plastering right up to the incoming gas pipe was a good idea. It looks metal (due to the elbow at the corner), and the chemicals in plaster are aggressively corrosive. I'd have put a wooden batten on the wall for the plaster to stop at, and then covered the gas pipe with plastic during the work. Your builder and your plasterer should both know this and have pointed it out.

    1. Good point, I'll get them on to cleaning that up, as it is being boxed in.


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