Man cave: Day 16

Carpenters were in today - with the internal door, the loft hatch, and delivery of work benches. We have the unit for the sink ready to be installed. I properly installed the PIRs on the walls (damn fiddly things). We ordered the heavy duty work bench brackets, and the fixings for floating shelves. And, we have the most high tech (alarmed) temporary door you have ever seen :-)

Day 17 may be Thursday as nothing is happening tomorrow. I may have to actually go in to work!

The good news is that they reckon the work benches and shelves should be sorted by the end of the week, which means the decorator can start staining and oiling stuff.

The window is due Monday, and the external door should be soon after. There is some chance this will all be done by end of month, or at least by end of next week. I do hope so.

Of course, the sofa is not expected until November, but I am sure we will be able to cope.

Oh, and my door handles finally came in - tudor style door handles on (what will be) stained and varnished oak doors with electronic locks - obviously :-)


  1. Is that white square below the lock a reed?

    1. Yeh. The lock does not provide a door shut output, just a lock engaged output.

  2. the square looks tidy in the door frame compared to round ones


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