Man cave: Day 2

The air-con man came and pumped down the unit, and removed it, so the builder could finish the stud work. He was tied up some of today but managed to start knocking out the concrete for the foundations for the new wall.

I managed to sort the battery boxes for the alarm system, and finish the wiring for the CCTV. That said, I plan to replace with proper IP cameras. These cheapy PAL things are not very good. I ran external cat5 for that anyway. The wasps are all dead though, so easier to sort things now.

Met the sparky today, Lee, who seems to know his stuff. So electrics starting tomorrow. Well, electrics, cat6 cables, speaker wires, alarm wires, coax for sky, lots...

Seems the bricks we have are not made anymore, but should see the best match tomorrow as well.

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