Man cave: Day 7

I have a floor!

They have done the insulation and boarding, and some of the last bits of dry lining done. The floor box fitted.

I have picked doors, which will take a couple of weeks to sort (pain in the arse). Well, I say "I picked doors" - what actually happened is Sandra and I went to a joinery, and Sandra showed me which doors I don't like and which I like. As it happens, I do like the one selected :-)

And the bricks arrived. But seriously, who delivers a pallet of bricks without a crane or fork lift of some sort? They re-stacked a pallet of bricks by hand on to the drive!

So I think next step is the builder talking to the building inspector and getting started on the brickwork tomorrow. Once they start that they can finalise the window and door location to fit in with brick sizes and finish the last bit of internal dry lining ready for plastering. I hope they plaster this week, so we have the weekend to dry.

The floor has celotex as does one of the walls where the gap is smaller, but the back and front wall is "fluffy" (fibre glass evil stuff) and the last wall is internal. This means I stand a chance of mobile phone signals getting in!

Yes, this stuff is why modern houses have crap wifi :-


  1. Can you still meet the required u values with mineral wool without a ridiculously thick wall?

    1. Well, the walls are quite thick, but they had pillars in them anyway, so lost some space. The building inspector is happy, so I assume so :-)


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