AAISPISSUP 31st March. Bracknell

We will clear the training room and get some drinks and nibbles in. It is a Saturday so we plan to have an afternoon event but no doubt some will stay on in to the evening and possibly involve pizza.

It is a chance to meet some of the staff in an informal atmosphere, meet the orc, and meet me.

It will be the last day of our 15th year as Andrews & Arnold Ltd. Quite a milestone.

A&A Offices in Bracknell, from 2pm (BST), 31st March 2012

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  1. Do recently ex-customers who still want to be customers but are under the thrall (read min term contract) of the other-side (VM) count?

  2. Definitely count me in...

    I'll promise to leave my nuclear-powered ADR launcher at home ;-)

  3. Where's Bracknell, is it in England ?


  4. What is parking going to be like on a Saturday in Enterprise court area?

    1. We have half of EC anyway, but other units not open on a Saturday, so will be good.

  5. I have been a customer for 13.7 of those 15 years, when £750 bought me a Network Alchemy Cybergear Gold, and the £140 training involved a room in your home, your wife doing the ironing in the background, and the course fee included a fish and chip supper while you blinded me with the intricasies of ISDN

  6. I'd come but I can't get that particular Saturday off! :( Any other would be fine, change the day, for me! :)

  7. I just noticed on the Eventbrite page you put "The second AAISPISSUP"

    1) 23rd November 2007, 5.30pm, upstairs @ Chandos (remember the noisy upstairs bar in Picadilly?)
    2) 11th July 2008, 6:00pm, Counting House.
    3) 31st March 2012, 14:00, A&A offices


    1. Err, I don't recall No.1. Did I drink that much?


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