FireBrick SIP feature plan

So, how do we market the FireBrick SIP features.

My plan is that the base models FB2500 and FB2700 will have a good set of SIP PABX features, but ultimately limits on number of calls and registrations (in the hundreds). This is the code I am working on now.

The fully loaded models will have extra APIs and external RADIUS based authentications, routing decision and accounting. This is coming soon, starting with RADIUS accounting data.

The 6000 model will do the same as the fully loaded, but with lots and lots of calls and registrations aimed at a telco. This is what we will eventually replace the existing A&A VoIP services with.

I will publish specs for the external authentication, routing and accounting information, and also provide free linux based C code for voicemail and call recording systems to work with the system.

Does that make sense?

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