Busy lamp fields

Well, I have the queuing design sorted, and half the coding, so that is nearly sorted. I am going to have to document this now...

Next challenge is busy lamp fields, on the snom phones. I think that is simple, even if it does mean an XML payload in a SIP UDP packet! Madness...

I'll experiment on that.

Plan is to start using this on the support number any day now. Obviously with very quick fallback to existing system (which uses asterisk to handle the queues). I think using the system ourselves will help sort any quirks very quickly.

Anyway, looking forward to Saturday - should be fun...


  1. You do realize that every single post on the front page of your blog references at least one or more three-letter acronyms ?

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to avoid three-letter acronyms until Saturday.

    This means no SIP, no UPS, no NAT, no XML, no SDP, no PPP and especially no ADR ;-)

    You are of course permitted to mention BT, ADSL, 21CN, BRAS or any other acronym which is not three letters in length.

  2. Terry, does that mean Rev can say "Session Initiated Protocol" or "Network Address Translation" ?

    I'm tempted to think that if the challenge is accepted, Rev will just not post until Saturday and win the challenge that way :)

  3. If RevK didn't let off steam here on a regular basis, I'm sure he would have gone postal down at the BT or Otelo offices by now :-P


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