Ready to party

Well, the AAISPISSUP is almost ready.

Thanks to a lot of work by Victoria organising it all, and Sandra running around like a headless chicken today.

We have food, we have drink - all ready to go...

2pm kick off.

Pictures later :-)

... Pictures here ...


  1. Well done on hitting 15 - I like your party frock :)

  2. since its AAISP
    and the voip is AASIP
    shouldnt this have been AAPIS SUP ?

    have fun ya'all luv from PL :)

  3. Great evening! Thanks to all you guys for arranging this, was great to meet staff and customers and put faces to names! Where do we leave our donations? :-)

  4. Excellent gig, Rev!

    Great to meet the faces behind the nicks, and the food and drink were spot-on - well organised, Victoria.

    Thanks very much to all involved!

    (I'm just a bit amazed I didn't walk away with a server from the scrap-heap - very unlike me :-)



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