Mr. Watson, come here -- I want to see you

OK, actually, it is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

The SIP code is making progress! It is not the target I wanted - which was a working phone call, but it is a good deal of progress. I have calls to the FireBrick being answered and feeding a 1KHz alaw tone nicely to the caller. When the call is ended the tone generation also stops (phew!).

I still have a lot of general call control to do, but the audio handling should be simple from now on - either relay from another RTP, or generate silence or tones. Plan is to have the standard tones, possibly with configuration. I also want to sort the telephone-event stuff when one end does out-of-band DTMF and the other does not, but mapping events to proper DTMF tones in-band.

The audio will need the call recording and monitoring logic at some point - that will be fun :-)

But getting close now. So maybe one day next week I'll have something we can issue for testing. Sorry it is taking so long.

I even fitted in watching the F1 this morning - but I think I have had enough coding for today.


  1. That's great news Adrian. It always amazes me how you see a problem, work out a plan and then just do it! Other mere mortals find so many reasons not to start something and more importantly, not to finish it. Hope you have a nice Sunday.

    1. Ironically this code is one I have been putting off for some months. But once I get started I am usually OK. I broke it in two though - the small 2500/2700 SIP concentrator first and then the bigger 6000 SIP switch. The latter can be done another time when the quirks of the smaller project are all resolved.

  2. Having recently come across the horror that is T.38 fax relay, I can only wish you luck...

  3. Dude, it's Sunday, you should either be at church or resting!


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