It's good to talk

OK, first phone call - snom to snom via a FireBrick FB2700

It works!

Now, I have to go through a lot of details and testing. This is not working to an external carrier, just registered phones. It is not doing a call where it has to authenticate. There are a string of things that are very unfinished.

But I made a call - the rest can wait until tomorrow now.


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    1. I actually said "testing"... boringly enough.. :-)

  2. I am working out the next stage of this for tomorrow morning. I should be able to get the call state management sorted (i.e. when one end hangs up it clears the other), and progress to the handling of authenticated calls to carriers.

    Once I have that we can release for general alpha testing on 2500/2700 and I hope I get lots of feedback.

    Sadly, today, my mind has been hijacked by the A*R bunch again. Insisting the customer is not a communications provider even though they operate microwave broadcast systems!


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