Bad timing

So, here I am, pissed again at ADR and injustice.

And my brother calls up - unhappy his line is crap.

TBH we know his line is crap, he knows his line is crap, and we have tried a lot to fix it. At the end of the day the service is the best we can do with the copper pair, and if that is a poor speed then, well, it is a poor speed. We try a lot to get the line better - probably more so because it is family, though we are pretty tenacious regardless. We did a load at Christmas to get that line back on line even involving BT directors.

But he calls up saying we should get compensation out of BT and he will not pay me for a service. FFS I charge him cost price!

If my own family are going to be arse holes what hope is there?

What is especially annoying is that he knows we have been tolerating a poor service for a few weeks as FTTC is due end of month and I am planning to upgrade to FTTC (at my cost FFS) as soon as we can. I have (at my cost) installed all the kit needed including an FB2500 fully loaded FireBrick, and, for now, a DSL modem.

We are all set for some serious bandwidth in a few weeks time.

And he calls being an arse - what can I say?

P.S. My dad phoning and apologising for him worked. This time.


  1. Friends, you can choose... Family, not so much.

  2. Tell him to try his luck elsewhere and thank you for the business. Seems like the most sensible thing to do before he becomes a liability and takes you to ADR ;)

  3. That he's no longer welcome as a customer. I've done it before and would do it again. One's friends and family know just how hard you work and can either appreciate it or go elsewhere.

  4. Tell him to goto another provider. if he isn't happy with cost price and all the free gear then tell him to goto bt then open up an ADR case with them.

  5. Dare him to find something better for the same dime.

  6. Family can be odd. My brother decided to stop talking to me after I was _GIVEN_ an xbox, because he can't afford one, This was 2 years ago now, and still he refuses to talk to me. Completely baffled, but to be completely honest, I can do without that sort of behavior in my life. :-)

  7. Coming to you courtesy of AAISPISSUP on March 31st:

    "RevK's rants... live and uncut!"

    In all seriousness though, family expect you to jump through all the hoops you can plus they expect it at less than cost price - if your brother wants an SLA with compensation payouts, give him a price and let him pay for it.

  8. I think he has calmed down now. It is my Dad that pays for the line anyway and charges him his share. I wonder if that makes my Dad a CP and so they could not go to ADR (not that they would).

  9. Interesting point.

    The 'end user' is the person who pays the bill... therefore, if they let anyone else use the Internet connection that they are paying for, that would automatically class them as a CP.

    So, your brother would have to take your Dad to ADR!

    It might be quite fun to mail all of your customers who have marked themselves off as a 'Communications Provider' and advise them that unless they are a member of an approved ADR scheme, they could face legal action.

    Put OFCOM's number in the e-mail and then sit back and watch their switchboard implode :-P

    1. No, I am pretty sure you only need to be in an ADR scheme if you provide communications to the public. So my Dad does not need ADR. You can be a CP without being a PECP :-)

  10. worries me! I'm just (next weekend!) installing a 30 extension phone system for my brother-in-law!


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