Zoom doing IPv6

The zoom x7n is finally working for IPv6 on PPPoA. We have been sent new code which does this.

This is yet another low cost DSL router with working IPv6 - we have tested on our standard broadband service and it received a prefix delegation which was announced on the LAN and routed IPv6 traffic. Logs show some slight quirks, but nothing major. Basically, it is working.

Hopefully this will be released as their standard code shortly.


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    1. Not sure - need to check how well it works on long lines, if it has TR069, and do a lot more testing. Also need to check prices.

  2. Not being in the industry myself, I have no idea if this is a rubbish suggestion or not, but here it is... Could you create some sort of site/wiki that covers all your research on IPv6 CPE? I'm guessing some ISPs that are a bit behind you might find it useful? Would add to the other work you do to further the cause of IPv6 deployment.

    1. That already exists at ARIN's IPv6 wiki: http://getipv6.info/index.php/Broadband_CPE

      Please update as you see more working gear.

  3. So, like buses then - you wait fifteen years and then three arrive one after the other.