Sorry, "The new iPad (3rd generation)", or whatever it is called.

Hmm - I feel the gene that makes one like "new" and "shiny" kicked in erroneously here. I did the queuing and the buying this morning. Mainly as I have two people I know that could benefit from a hand-me-down iPad2's. If not, I may not have got the new ones.

Yes, thicker.

Yes, heavier.

And, err, yes, nicer camera and display?

I have no doubt the display really is better. Sadly the old display was so damn good it is hard to tell them apart. And this is from someone that does watch HD channels on TV and can tell the difference!

Several people today have said to myself and James, "the new one looks the same as the old one", and then mistakenly pointed to the old one when side by side thinking it was the new one! The new display is good, not doubt. So was the old one!

It actually has a different feature - the dictation mode, but only works when on the Internet, is a tad slow, and a tad very stupid. So not really using that yet.

But really - I would not rush out and buy one I you have an iPad2 already.

Yes, get one if you don't - they are so shiny!

Anyway, it has taken my mind off AD*. Someone suggested I should take A&A to AD* myself, on the basis that the award, as a good will payment, would be tax free, and it is a cunning way to get tax free money from my company! Sorry, I'll really try and put it behind me now, sorry... More SIP code tomorrow honest.


  1. The screen does seem a lot better to me. I am particularly looking forward to my favourite flying software being updated to take advantage of it (http://www.skydemon.aero/) and MemoryMap (http://www.memory-map.co.uk/) so that I can see more detail without zooming in.

    I agree that the dictation is not that good: -

    "Mary had a little lamb its fleas were white as snow and everywhere that Mary went alarm was sure to go". Close, but not quite methinks!!!

    Shame we can't take advantage of the LTE but hopefully the bigger batteries might give even better life (not that I have ever had a problem).

    Impressed with the camera and hoping that some UK carriers support the Personal Hotspot feature in the near future, so that I can use it for tethering a laptop.

    Very pleased with it overall and would recommend it too.

  2. I think maybe the Rev might need some new glasses ;)

    The difference between them is just huge.

  3. I think maybe the Rev needs some new glasses ;)

    The difference between the two is just huge.

  4. Agreed, the new display is a world away from the old one!

    1. Ok, there is a difference. No I am using it I can see it.


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