Well, we made our first SIP call from an IPv6 only gigaset phone to an IPv4 only SNOM phone via a FireBrick SIP gateway!

What can I say :-)

Follow up: We have SIP2SIM registration and calling both ways working too. So we have now tested a mobile calling an IPv6 gigaset DE900 IP PRO, and well, it worked!


  1. I have a gigaset dect phone and base station which I bought from aa, plus a firebrick with the new beta VoIP support. Any chance the gigaset can exploit ipv6?

    1. The firebrick can bridge ip4 and ip6 but our customer facing server is not playing ip6 well yet. I am not sure if the gigaset will do ip6 yet, but we now one of their desk phones can. I would suggest checking with gigaset. Do let us now how it goes.


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