Testing it out...

Well, we now have call pickup and steal, and busy lamp fields, and ring groups...

So time to test - the support number will be directed via the new system.

First sign of trouble and we'll switch it back to the old system... But it is a Friday afternoon, so lets give it a try :-)

Follow-up: I have registered my mobile via the new system back-to-back in to the main call server, which means I can have a busy lamp light on my desk phone for my phone, and steal calls both ways - that is cool!

This is a real winner for the SIM2SIP stuff we do - very cool indeed.


  1. I typically avoid deploying anything Friday afternoon because way too often it has messed up my weekend. But I am guessing you have an easy and completely foolproof revert mechanism planned out :)

    1. Very easy revert, yes - we have dual registered all the phones, so one setting change is all that is needed.

      Also, we don't take calls over the weekend, so not an issue.