Apple TV

Where are we....?

I really have changed everything here. I changed apple ID email address, password, 2FA on/off, family sharing on/off, changed the physical Apple TV, change IP block it uses, and even confirmed the same happens on family sharing on a totally separate network and ISP.

This is down to my iTunes account some how.

I even got this today after buying something, and had to go in again to enter my password (again, as I had to enter to buy it).

Latest is they want an exact time (and time zone) of it happening, so did it on the call to them live, so they have details. We will see...


  1. Why do you keep going with Apple? By now, what with phones and TVs, I'd have thought you'd have said enough's enough as it seems to drive you mad :) Is it just existing investment (money/time/experience)?

    Android is a bloody mess in terms of updates for phones but it can be done. I have a Wileyfox Swift which I paid £120 for - it came with a CyanogenOS build based on Android 5 and is now (with the demise of CyanogenOS) running stock Android 7.1.1 and an adroid security level of 1 April 2017.

    Someone with your *nix experience would have zero problems in rooting/flashing a phone to a custom build. Heh you could probably rewrite the bits you didn't like from a variety of mods....

    I'm curious as to the Apple loyalty though - Apple, Microsoft, Google (Alphabet or whatever) are all swappable companies for most consumers.

    The "loyalty" largely comes from programs/apps which are "must haves" on a platform. For example Windows & DirectX for gamers has been a "must have" but not so much now.

    Maybe time for a rethink as Apple causes you so much hassle?

    1. My 2p worth on this "why stick with apple" question...

      I have Apple TVs on all three TVs at home. All rooms have A/V amps and speakers too - I don't use the TV in-built speakers. The Apple TVs run from an old (I mean PowerPC old) Mac Mini running iTunes with almost all content ripped from CDs and DVDs.

      I haven't found any other system as easy or convenient to use. Google Chromecast isn't standalone so that's no good. XBMC's user interface is terrible (in comparison to Apple's - and typical of the crap built by Linux dweebs.) As far as I'm aware that's it for alternatives so AppleTV is it.


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