Norwegian Jade, Day 3: Stavanger

Day 3 is Stavanger, and we went round the town and visited the petroleum museum, which was actually quite interesting.

We also tried the 4G router and setting up fallback L2TP via 4G and ship's wifi. The Ship's wifi has in fact been especially flakey today, starting with the AP even being unhappy (red/green lights and lots of flashing and no SSID). Seems mostly better now.

We met a couple that we chatted to yesterday and gave them a tour of the suite :-)

We did find Starbucks, Burger King, and McDonalds... And some shops that were closed...


  1. Did a Fred Olsen Norway cruise 2 years ago and the price of beer was the most disturbing thing!

    1. All alcohol is very expensive in Norway (and Sweden), this is deliberate government policy implemented by taxes and legal controls on where alcohol can be sold. Take it up with the electorate if you want it changed, assuming you can get any party to stand with such a policy.


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