Oh Apple, thou art trying to vex me

With all the messing with my apple login to try and sort the apple-TV issue (no idea if fixed, not tried for two weeks), I ended up logging out and logging in on my Mac several times.

The first annoyance is that this left my Mac contacts book with about 7 copies of every contact. Very silly.

So, today, I deleted 6 out of 7 of each contact instance and tidied it up a lot.

What do you think happened?

Well, now I have one copy of each contact on my Mac and zero copies of them on my phone. Almost every contact has vanished from my phone.

Why Apple? Why?


  1. I once made the mistake of agreeing to setup someones iCloud. Set both their iPhone and iPad to sync.. Then 90% of the entries everywhere disappeared. Crap.

  2. I have issues with contact sync too - my contacts are inconsistently synced if they use iCloud between apple devices & never seems to resolve itself, yet if I put everything in an Exchange (ActiveSync) account it just works.

  3. I've managed to avoid iCloud so far. Apple's CardDAV server seems to do the job pretty well.