Norwegian Jade, Day 9

Day 9 is disembarkation.

Contrary to the fiasco of boarding, disembarkation is much smoother. We had breakfast in the room, and then (tracking my wife driving to come and get us) we then told the bulter (Putu) we were ready to leave. He had the lift on a key (as he says, otherwise, it is 15 minute wait!), and he helped with luggage escorting us past the queue to leave. We were then escorted by the concierge (Omar) out to the gangplank where we jumped the whole queue. We then moved quite quickly through the port and out to pick up area as my wife pulled up - perfect timing and no need for short stay car park!

I did do a bit more video of the suite, and have made a video tour...

P.S. The fluid tripod head is on order now :-)

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  1. I noticed on the web site for the cruise line that the Owner's Suite is far smaller than the one you were in. Weird.

    I do wish cruise ships would have more suites with multiple bedrooms. It costs me a small fortune to go in a normal double cabin as a single person (basically they charge me double minus about 500 quid) and by the time that cost is added to what it costs my parents to go as a couple we could afford what you paid for your suite. But there just aren't many suites with multiple bedrooms, especially for river cruises. Basically the designers of the ships have blinkers on and are assuming that everyone that goes is part of a couple.


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