Norwegian Jade, Day 5: Ålesund

Another day, another fjord. Ålesund was a larger town, damp, gloomy, but they had a Burger King!

Yes, I left the cruise ship with the meals and drink all included to pay for some chilli cheese bites from Burger King. Just don't tell the butler.

With very little to say about Ålesund it may be time for a different whinge...

I appreciate the space on board is very limited, but in this cabin all 4 of the toilets are tiny little cubicles. In the main bathroom of the master room it seems so pointless - they could have just put it in the bathroom. It has a glass door (!) so not for privacy reasons. Every time I go in there I end up knocking the phone that is one the wall on one side and calling room service or something. I am not that fat, honest, but there are people that are, and would find is seriously annoying, I am sure. An inconvenient convenience...


  1. I wonder what would happen if someone with a mobility impairment, perhaps requiring a wheelchair, booked your suite.

    1. Most cruis ships have specific suites designated as being easy access or whatever the politically correct way of putting it is this year.

  2. They would probably be best advised to book a wheelchair-accessible suite, which I assume does exist.

  3. I don't remember being bowled over by the town of Alesund however there is a nice viewpoint above the town but the steps were being refurbished necessitating a more roundabout hike through the woods to reach it. Bergen was quite impressive in comparison.

  4. The reason for cubicle toilets onboard is fairly simple if you think about it. I appreciate that you probably don't have experience in this area although BT must come close :P

    At home you have a nice big soil pipe - vented at the top of your roof. Hard to block above the toilet, doesn't need any additional forced ventilation. If that fails the room is usually big enough to stop any noxious gases reaching a toxic level anytime soon.

    Ship? Nightmare as you're not getting rid of any of the "effluent" before docking so every drain is a likely problem. Cabin toilets onboard are small & usually have fans over-running for a reason. Main (public) toilets will have fans running 24/7.

    Remember the crew cabins are MUCH lower than yours & even though I'd wager hard cash that most of the crew (deck hands) come from the Phillipines/South China Sea its probably not good publicity to have them die en-masse from a plumbing defect :)

    So yes its annoying but there is a logical reason. I guess they might have to make wider doors in the future :D


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