Norwegian Jade, Day 4: Skjolden

Unfortunately, today, I did not feel too well. Obviously it could be related to staying up until 1am drinking southern comfort whilst chatting in the Haven lounge, but to be honest I don't think that was it. Just not quite right, and my blood sugar was also a bit off. I think the change of regular routine when it comes to eating and drinking is not ideal.

Today was Skjolden which is a tiny little place at the end of a very long fjord, something like 200km in from the sea! Over night we navigated the fjord, which we did not see. But when leaving you see how the ship has to navigate this long and windy passage between peaks either side. Definitely Slartibartfast's crinkly bits! I have done a nice video of some of it, which I am not going to try and upload on the ship's wifi. I am quite glad that I brought the tripod with me for that.

We had a nice long walk of a couple of miles around the bay, and I have lots of shots of the impressive scenery. It seems odd having several thousand people decsend on a village of some 200 people!


  1. Having done a couple of nordic cruises i find that the bulk of passengers seem to either get on the vastly expensive tour coaches or they stay within a few hundred yards of where the boat docks so it's not too difficult to escape the masses by walking a bit further.

    1. It's a ship, not a boat. Even on river cruises it's a ship. Our captain said you can only put a boat on a ship, not a boat on a boat. So anything that carries it's own small boats has to be called a ship.

    2. If that's the case, then as soon as you put a canoe on top of a narrow boat does it become a narrow ship?

  2. The precise (and pedantic) definition of a ship is a vessel with no fewer than three masts, all of which carry square-rigged sails.


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