Tesco multibuy

A bit of a rant on bad user interface!

Please excuse VVS :-)

P.S. it is worth pointing out the other gripe which I have not videoed...

At the check-out, you scan the check-out barcode. From a user interface point of view I think that at that point it should transfer control to the check-out in all cases. It knows you are at the check-out, and which one. You should be done with the handset then.

There are two issues.

1. It asks a question on the handset at that point - regarding items that did not scan. Why? Why not ask that on the check-out as the first question. This annoying split of a question on handset then next question on check-out is not helpful.

2. If you are picked for a random check, you are told on the handset. The check-out transfer does not happen. At this point there is NO ALERT to staff of an issue - the status Red/Amber/Green on check-out is not set to alert staff. Nothing tells staff you are stuck and you have to find someone or wait indefinitely for someone. If the transfer was to checkout at that point, and then it says "random check" that would allow the check-out status to alert staff. The re-scan could use the handset or the check-out reader, does not really matter.

I just feel that this is not thought out well at all.


  1. The reason it prompts you to scan every item on offer is because some people would wrongly assume as one it's free they don't need to scan the free one. If you buy paracetamol it'll tell you you can only buy two items.

    You aren't supposed to put the handset away until its transferred the basket, meaning you'd see the random check message. But yes they are slow at noticing you if the traffic lights aren't flashing. I usually press the "I need assistance" button on the till which flashes red and gives the staff a "whisper"

    1. I can see the logic in reminding people, but not forcing the press OK, and not when they have in fact scanned the whole set. As for handset, well, it should just transfer and then raise concerns like checks, IMHO.

  2. Have you tried the Waitrose scan and go? It doesn't seem to have the annoying basket transfer issue that you mention, as it asks on the checkout whether you scanned all items. I'm yet to be asked for a re-scan, so can't comment on that part.

    1. We get rescanned occasionally. If there has been a discrepancy, either way, we've never been told.

      Occasionally, I use the Waitrose app-based scanner on my phone. In some ways, it's more of a hassle, as I usually keep my phone in a slip case, but it is ideal for a few items if we've forgotten our card to unlock a scanner.

    2. From my experience in Tesco, you're much more likely (eg, every time for me) to end up with a "random" check if you've changed your mind on an item after initially scanning it in.

  3. So, here are the rules for the quick check system as I see them for Tesco, and I'm sure you can work out the flaw!

    1) If you get a random check, they are instructed to scan unique items with a random number based on the quantity in the basket.
    2) If all your scans are in the basket, the computer is happy. If not, it triggers a full re-scan of the whole trolley. I had this happen when the missus put some eggs in without scanning them by mistake on xmas eve at 11pm. Neither I, nor the checkout assistant were happy at unpacking *two* trolleys of stuff to re-scan.

    TLDR; They do not check how many of an item you have.

  4. I agree; pressing okay after every item is annoying and needs to change...
    But, many times a 3 for 2 offer is not a take-once proposition... the offer is applied twice shold you scan six items, so with the current broken press okay every time system, pressing okay on the third pop-up makes sense.


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