Norwegian Jade, Day 6: Geiranger

Today was Geiranger, another village of a few hundred people at the end of a fjord.

This was a much more impressive fjord with sides so steep we had no ship's WiFi all day!

We took a sight seeing bus ride. One of the really impressive parts was the way the driver managed to get the bus round the corners! The road zig-zags up the mountain.

Leaving the fjord, we decided to try and create a proper time lapse. It has worked well and I'll add to this blog post when I am back. We set up a small shell script to take a picture every second, remembering to set the camera in mirror lock up to avoid wearing it out. It managed 8300 shots before the battery ran out, so over two hours. The end result, composed using final cut, is quite impressive.


  1. The second picture reminds me of "The Wave"

  2. Are you going to post pictures of your suite? It looks pretty impressive in the web pages but it doesn't show how the upstairs part works and connects to tge rest of tbe suite.

    1. Yeh, we have a video, but are probably going to make a better one as it was first day and handheld.


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