Norwegian Jade, Day 8

The last day, a sea day.

We did not do a lot, but we did get a bridge tour, which is reserved for very few people in the top suites if you are very lucky. We met the 2nd officer, who was not Commander Data. She did however tell us how they steer the ship, and so on. Very interesting.

The captain's young daughter was also given an Ignis.

I did a lot of video editing, and we did try to get a video to you tube - sadly ship's internet was not only slow but also a tad flaky so we scrapped that idea on the basis that a hard drive in a car from the port this morning was higher bandwidth.

This is the time-lapse I did of us leaving Geiranger. 8300 separate stills done at around 1 second intervals thanks to a small shell script on my laptop and wifi to camera. Done with mirror lock up to avoid wear on the mechanism.

Final cut pro did a nice job of compiling in to a video. All I lack at this point is a nice background sound track.


  1. I can think of a track by the Eagles that might be suitable...

    Nice video!

  2. Nice & I understand you taking the suite as it was available but the time to be doing the "Slartibartfast Tour" is late June/July.

    I come from a bit north of Moscow in latitude terms and while I don't miss winter (even with the gulf stream) I do miss summer.

    I have memories of the bus getting you back to the village at 11pm and dusk was 45 minutes away. Dawn was 3 hours away :)

    July is the time for Nordic excursions - surprising how warm the lakes can get in certain areas. /me has been swimming north of Stockholm & it was like a heated pool.

    Iceland is another good (bloody expensive) place to go for next-years "boys abroad". You'd like it as you won't need aircon :D

  3. Tons of similar on Youtube, but couple of favourites

    The extension of the Balmoral at Blohm+Voss

    Old classic liner SS United States laid up Philadelphia

    go HD or better

  4. Very nice.

    For those who don't want to go with the "write your own script" I'd recommend the GoPro cameras.

    Daughter went to Ecuador/Galapagos last year with Camps International & some of the best stuff to come out of the camera was the time-lapse stuff of day-long treks. The very best were the hammerhead sharks (30-40 of them) about 20m down from when they were snorkeling in the Galapagos.

    They're a wee bit expensive but they rarely break when dropped (unlike iPhones) - and they do 4k video of course.

    Advert over :D Just a bit surprised you don't have one already Adrian? Lots of mounts for drones.....

    1. Eh. I have a Hero3+ but it was a bit buggy (their USB mass storage is read only, WTF, and their Wifi and app implementation has much to be desired.)

      Might dig it out later and try with newer firmware (if it exists)

      But the GoPro's are handy, don't want to wreck your DSLR after all ;)


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