Yay! We have 07 mobile numbers from OFCOM, at last. Well, technically *we* don't. For some reason OFCOM allocated them to a subsidiary company regardless of what was put on the application, but OFCOM make daft mistakes like that :-)

It will be some months before we have call routing, and may be patchy from some networks initially. Inbound SMS will be a separate issue and may take a different amount of time! We'll try and get this all sorted and let people know when they can have 07 numbers.

The 07 numbers allow you to have incoming calls to the mobile for no charge. At present the 01/02/03 numbers have an inbound call charge. The 07 mobile numbers will only be available where they are associated with a SIM though. However, we hope to be able to offer the normal call diversion, also ring, and so on as normal and we are awaiting confirmation on this point from OFCOM.

Just to clarify, even if diverted to a land line or SIP, and hence saving us money, there is never any pay out on incoming calls. The numbers are intended for mobile use.

You cannot order 07 numbers until we have them working on most networks, so please be patient.

But good news - thanks OFCOM.

P.S. we do allow multiple numbers and even prefixes on the CLI and dialling to allow you to mange separate numbers, so people can have 07 mobile and 01/02/03 geographic on their mobile at the same time if they wish.

P.P.S. They have now allocated them correctly to us!

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