IPv6 WoW!

Apparently Blizzard have released a patch today that supports IPv6.

They seem to have been sensible with an IPv6 controllable option which is greyed out if you have no IPv6, unticked by default if using toredo or 6to4, and ticked by default if you have real IPv6.

The patch notes confirm this. I'll be testing later when I get home.

But cool - at least someone is on the ball now - well done Blizzard.


  1. The EU servers patch a day after the US servers, so I wouldn't rush home tonight to test it...

    Very good news though. All we need are are some decent ipv6 modem/routes now and many people will switch to ipv6 and never even know it.

  2. Of all the companies to get it right.. Blizzard?

    Pity about Zyxel, Netgear, Linksys, etc. etc.

  3. FYI, both ZyXEL and Netgear have products that have some level of dual-stack IPv6.

  4. Arrrg! It is greyed out - must be a wine thing. Bugger.

  5. @RevK: you may be interested in joining the NANOG (I know, it's across the pond for you) listserv, where this was talked about 4 days ago: http://seclists.org/nanog/2011/Apr/646

  6. Don't make me go buy a windows machine - that would just be silly.

  7. "For most players, the IPv6 checkbox will remain grayed out until
    IPv6 becomes available in your area."

    "At some point in the future, WoW realm servers will be able to use IPv6
    in addition to the current IPv4."

    So it doesn't work yet.

  8. OK, that is specially silly then. Arrrg.


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