How to organise a piss up at a beer festival?

OK, we should be doing some connectivity for the Reading Beer Festival next weekend (royal wedding weekend).

Hopefully we will have some public access wifi. We'll see. We have not done a lot of event stuff before so this is a bit of a pilot. I am probably routing a /20 IPv4 and a /48 IPv6 for it. No NAT in sight. NAT at a beer festival is like pissing the beer!

The main idea is for Internet access for the event staff, but public access should be interesting. Trying a ruckus AP as a hot spot. I think next year we need to plan for more widespread wifi usage, but hard to predict the usage.

No end of attempts to get BT to put lines in to a field fell flat on their face. Eventually we got the BT account team to sort it (well done Chris), just in the nick of time. Costing a fortune as ever, but next year we may be able to do more directly via Openreach. Dual redundant DSL with dual redundant 3G backup. Fingers crossed.

The downside - someone will probably have to be on-call to attend a beer festival and one of us will probably have to be there every day... Oh the hardship. :-)

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  1. I could have done you some WiMAX from the beer festival location ;-)

    Those Ruckus APs are fantastic. The mesh works very well too. I'd be happy to show you around our WiFi network around Reading sometime. Ruckus mesh nework, working very well.


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