Sonim XP2 Spirit No.6 for my daughter!

Well, sonim are sticking to their promise and replacing the XP2 Spirit phone we have if it breaks, which is good news.

They are clearly designed to be used by construction works or miners or the like, but not minors perhaps. A 15 year old girl has proved a challenge. It is because she broke every phone I got her that I got the sonim, and even with her ability to break it, this has proved a good buy.

The only bad news has been the slow response of their support people, which I think we have got on top of now, and the slight build quality we have encountered which may just be bad luck.

1. Display fault on arrival (replaced by retailer).
2. Battery cover broke (replaced by sonim)
3. Stopped charging (replaced by sonim)
4. Case broke apart (replaced by sonim)
5. Arrived with cracked case, see pic (to be replaced by sonim)
6. ?

I wonder how long this will last.


  1. I'm actually getting tempted to buy one.

  2. Maybe you should stop Gee having a phone, lol x hope your coming here with sandra at the weekend got booze ready for my belated birthday drink xxx

  3. Have you offered "Little Miss Phonesmasher" as a product tester to Sonim? Seems she's doing a great job of finding the weakspots...


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